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It can be hard to come by but doesn’t have to be. Here you can find links to vegetarian recipes from my kitchen.

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Also there are reviews of and recommendations for eateries and my experiences eating on the road. How do I find healthy meat-free dishes when traveling? While at the same time making sure I am getting all the vitamins, minerals and proteins my body need? Actually, it is not very complicated in most countries, although some are definitely more of a challenge than others.
Through photos and videos I take you on a journey around the world via your taste buds. Pull up a seat at the table and enjoy.

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Cooking and Eating

Cooking is an absolute passion for me. But I prefer not to use recipes with exact measurements and detailed instruction. Great cooking, like any work of art, comes from the heart, not from the head. So, let your heart lead you as I do. In my recipes, I provide the basic ingredients I used to prepare the dish. I also suggest some spices or seasonings that I tried and liked. But I never seem to use the same ones twice in any dish. My suggestions are just that: suggestions. Use them as a starting point and follow your heart — and nose — to a delicious meal. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you like three things separately, you will probably like them together.
And after you have created your masterpiece, leave a comment in the discussion section of each article. Let me know what you added — or eliminated — and how it all turned out. I’m sure that everything will be fantastic. And I am always ready to learn some new tricks and techniques.
Enjoy the process and happy dining!

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